McRib Photos #2
Photos of McRib's place in America:
Page Two
Here's more surprising photos demonstrating just how famous the McRib was.  Some are quite rare and I was lucky to get them.  Special thanks to Frank Capra Jr. and Phillip Michael Thomas.

In between promo shots for the series Miami Vice, Phillip Michael Thomas introduces Don Johnson to a new sandwich, the McRib. 
Said Mr. Thomas, "I remember thinking it was the best thing I had ever eaten."
With the long running time for the classic, "It's a Wonderful Life", many scenes were cut.  In this one George treats Mary to a dinner strangely resembling the McRib.  Is this the prototype for our beloved sandwich?

Even the stuffy BBC was not immune to the McRib craze of the late Eighties.  Here in a scene from a Sherlock Holmes episode, the great detective exclaims, "The solution to our murder may very well lie in this singular sandwich."
 In one of Clint Eastwood's early Italian westerns, the man with no name guns down five bad guys- while enjoying a McRib sandwich. Director Sergio Leone commented, "They should have called them 'McRib' westerns.  Clint enjoyed those sandwiches night and day... and insisted the character eat them too!"

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